History of Falls Road A. M. E. Church


In the early 1900's, the Tyson family gave an establishment known as Tyson's U.M.P. Church to Rev. Aquilla Scott. Families from Falls Road, Bear Hills and Hoe's Heights could be found every Sunday morning attending services at this church.

After much discussion, a few of the members decided to re-establish themselves and moved their families to 4647 Falls Road (the home of one of the members) where services would be continued. As membership increased, they relocated to 4641 Falls Road, which had at one time housed the Colored School but was now the meeting place of "Seven Wise Men," a fraternal order of which several members of the church were affiliated.

In 1918, after great deliberation, much spiritual growth and determination, the church members applied for and received acceptance in the A.M.E. Conference under Bishop Monroe Davis and Pastor Rev. O. Curtis. It then became the Falls Road A.M.E. Church. The church was the backbone of the community. The members toiled earnestly, faithfully and prayerfully, and membership increased and God's name was continuously magnified. In the early 1950's the church was renovated from its original schoolhouse appearance and remodeled to resemble a more inviting House of God. In the 1960's, renewal plans were made for the Falls Road corridor's south side. New schools were built, Cross Keys was established and many members were forced to sell their homes as a result of this undertaking; however, they continued to return to the community for worship at Falls Road A.M.E. Church. In the 1970's, negotiations for the sale of establishments on the north side of Falls Road were made, which included the Falls Road A.M.E. Church.

On March 15, 1985, after much prayer and deliberation, the members voted to accept an offer for the sale of the property and papers were signed. Final services were held at 4641 Falls Road on Sunday, April 14, 1985, where a Family Day celebration was witnessed. The congregation and former members prayed for guidance and success for our future. With sorrow filled hearts and great memories of the past, we said goodbye to the building, which had been our home since 1918. We were offered and accepted the invitation from Brown's Memorial Baptist Church to share their building while we waited for God's direction to a permanent location. Under the great spiritual leadership of Rev. Arthur B. Glover, on March 18, 1986, the Trustees signed papers making Falls Road A.M.E. Church the owner of 4.27 acres of land located on Pine Avenue in Baltimore County. On April 5, 1987, Ground Breaking services were held. A joyous celebration was witnessed by all who attended. The next nine years were filled with many obstacles, yearnings and disappointments, but our faith remained steadfast in the Lord. With encouragement and guidance from our pastor, we visited the site on numerous occasions. We sang, we prayed and we fasted, forever praising God for His goodness and mercy for keeping us in His care.

On Saturday, November 19, 1994, we had a caravan from Denmore & Belvedere Avenue to Pine Avenue, where our first service was held in the Multipurpose Room of our new edifice. God is good! Even though our main sanctuary had not been completed, we were ever so thankful that our dreams were coming into fruition. We now had our own vine and fig tree where our worshiping would have no end. We are grateful today for the souls who labored at Falls Road many years ago but who are now resting in the bosom of Jesus, leaving us a legacy of love, the patience of Job, the wisdom of Solomon and the faith of the faithful. We are grateful for all of the many friends and members, who have struggled with us, cried with us, prayed for and with us, sacrificed, and rendered their time and talents to bring us to this present time. Most of all, we are grateful to God, for His deliverance, that in His infinite mercy, He has seen fit to open the gates of heaven and shower us with His blessings to see our vision become a reality.

Several ministers were appointed to the church over the years to help the congregation to grow spiritually. These included: Rev. O. Curtis (1918), Rev. John Button (1923), Rev. W. Traverse, Rev. R.E. Ford (1929-1932), Rev. James Baker (1932 -1 month), Rev. M.H. Dorsey (1932-1935), Rev. Samuel Hutchinson (1935-1937), Rev. E.M. Anderson (1937-1938), Rev. Samuel Rosier (1938-1939), Rev. J.M. Cox (1939-1949), Rev. J.H. Cashen (1949-1981), Rev. Howard C. Wright (1981-1982), Rev. Roland Howard (1982), Rev. Arthur B. Glover (1983-2008), and Rev. Raymond F. Edmonds, Jr. (2008 to present).

Reverend Raymond F. Edmonds was appointed to serve as pastor of Falls Road A.M.E. Church in October, 2008. He and his wife, Rev. Jerri, have two lovely children: Raymond III and Cierra. The Falls Road Family embraced them with much love and support. We are thankful for the favor of God that is upon this church. There has been much growth numerically and spiritually. "Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be.."