These boards are responsible for the spiritual, temporal and sacraments of the church.


Board of Stewards
Stewardess Board
Board of Trustees


Commission on Membership and Evangelism

This commission establishes goals for the growth of the life of the church.  This includes identifying opportunities for purpose driven ministries.


Class Leader’s Ministry
Hospitality Ministry
Pastor’s Aid
Door Keeper’s Ministry
Lay Ministry
Prayer Ministry
Family Life Ministry
Married Couple’s Ministry
Women’s Ministry
Harvest Ministry
Men’s Ministry
Seniors’ Ministry

Commission on Christian Education

The work of this commission is to educate each member of their responsibility to grow in the knowledge of our faith and to become a strong Christian in attributes and service.  This is done by equipping each member with opportunities of teaching of the Word of God that will develop their walk with the Lord.


Discipleship Class
Pastor’s Bible Study
Youth Bible Study
New Member’s Class
Sunday Church School
Vacation Bible School

Commission on Missions and Welfare

The purpose of this commission is to enhance our awareness of the importance of exemplifying the spirit of missions within our membership through systematic training and transformation. 


College Ministry
Hannah’s Outreach Ministry
Missionary Society

Commission on Public Relations

This commission is responsible for gathering and disseminating information of interest to the membership concerning secular press, church press, district news, CDs of worship services and other legitimate media information.


Media Ministry
Social Media

Commission on Health

This commission shall develop health education training and projects for the membership.  It serves as a resource for health information and provides first aid as needed during activities.


Health and Wellness Ministry

Music and Arts Ministry

These ministries are responsible for ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ through song, dance and dramatization to encourage the body of Christ in their walk with the Lord, lead the membership into the presence of God and to express praise and worship through different avenues.


Fellowship Choir
Mass Choir
Perfected Praise Team
Fruit of the Spirit Dance Ministry
Mime Ministry
Youth and Young Adult Choir

Youth Ministries

The purpose of this ministry is to provide effective ministry for young people, to train and nurture them by providing avenues for them to grow in the knowledge of Christ, share their gifts and talents, give them a voice in the Church and prepare them for leadership.


Young People’s Department (YPD)